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our feet [star] as has been a few period, WTAPS x Vans Vault joint has just launched soon, there are a lot of natural star selection with Shawn Yue natural needless to say, in recent years has been walking in the tide of the JJ Lin also received WTAPS, the boss of Li Chen not only on foot bones, but also wear double blue snake, William Chan and Li Xiangxiang put on a foot, William Chan in concert wearing a pair of WTAPS and Vans Vault OG Sk8-Hi LX in 2015 of the joint, it looks like is a hidden Vans lovers! Show Luo on foot all black Vans Old Skool, this pair of shoes are a lot of fans known as the "Black Knight", "little devil" Alien Huang has been Taiwan showbiz famous Vans lovers, is more sensible with the 50th anniversary "Van Doren" Era shoes. Rainie Yang, Zhang Yishan, Jiang Jinfu and Wu Lei have also started wearing Vans shoes.

G-Dragon has always been right Zhilong often wear a pair of Vans of Han, the autumn and winter of 2014 launch of the Vans Vault OG Style 36 LX shoes at his feet out of the "spring"; Kanye West Kanye since rumor endorsement of Vans, and put on a pair of graffiti after their navy blue classic Old Skool; gratifying is Beckham also wore a pair of black and white Old Skool, and his son was the famous Slip-On black and white checkerboard shoes to wear the most. Kim Kardashian and David Beckham, who also let her put on a pair of Sk8-Hi shoes. "Twilight female" Kristen Stewart "and his Confidante Instagram" Justin Bieber are also the old powder, we can not say the above. Shawn Yue

JJ Lin

Li Chen

William Chan

Show Luo Alien Huang Rainie Yang Zhang Yishan Jiang kifo Lin update

Wu Lei Li Xiangxiang

right Zhilong G-D Bo

Nike Sportswear: Blazer Mid Outdoor following Pack, unveiled a new style with 2012 spring sale. This double Lava Dunk Hi Dunk Hi Lava Dome fusion and two pairs of shoes classic design elements, with more than a suede uppers, D lace holes to special work boots unique ring for details, there are a camel and dark green two styles. The two Lava Dunk Hi are expected to be released in spring 2012, and shoes fans who want to start may need to pay attention.
Running equipment list.
cold in winter, many people choose to stay at home. As everyone knows, the winter outdoor activities is good season, not only can improve the body's ability to keep out the cold, enhance the body's resistance, but also can eliminate fatigue, bring long-term brain work to enhance memory, so as to improve the efficiency of work and study.

but it's important to choose the right equipment for running in winter. It's important to prepare the right clothes. The following Xiaobian will give you a run of the ultimate equipment Raiders, whether you are running veteran or novice white, after reading the Raiders, you will know what to prepare next.

essential equipment list

NO.1 shoes,
worker must benefit from his work unless he is good at it. Running the first thing is to choose the right pair of shoes". This is because, when running, the soles of the feet fall to the ground against a violent impact, during which the ankle and knee suffer considerable impact. The sole of a professional running shoe is uniquely designed to cushion impact on the floor, thereby indirectly relieving the impact of the ankle and knee and reducing the damage to the knee. At the same time, most running shoes are light, and even long walks do not have a distinct sense of heaviness from their feet. If you do not wear special shoes, there will be pain, heel pain, foot, foot playing hurt even nails, it is difficult to achieve the purpose of training.

's principles for choosing running shoes:

sole resilient. Each run forward, feet have a great impact on the ground reaction force, the sole good resilience, the impact force is small, not easy to cause a foot injury, but also to protect the knees.

is light, comfortable and soft to wear. Long distance running shoes, must be light weight in 7-9 two, heavy shoes fatigue, shoes should be comfortable, not tight thin, to prevent pressure near the foot, subtle influence blood circulation.

upper, good ventilation. The fabric is very important, otherwise it is not easy to distribute sweat, shoes and socks wet, there are sliding feeling.

sole is wearable and difficult to break. The base material is carbon special rubber, and the plastic material is easy to wear and skid, so it is not suitable to choose.

two shoes don't fit:

travel shoes: most travel shoes are more heavy, short distance walk can also, walking time is long, will become a heavy burden.

football shoes: when participating, do not wear football shoes, football shoes, soles of the nails and the impact of the ground more intense, the impact on the knee is relatively large, serious consequences are caused by knee injury.

NO.2 clothes

sports sweats, and when choosing running clothes, choose breathable, sweat - wicking clothes. The easiest way is to buy a pair of sports pants. For example, high elastic sports pants, and similar to bodybuilding pants, elastic performance is particularly good, wear on the body, the legs of muscle lines at a glance, looks very comfortable, natural running is very comfortable. There's a kind of pants with high bounce

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