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at the end of last month has forecast P.A.M. and Carhartt WIP Vans, the three three party joint, and also comes with video. And now the strong cooperation of the joint has officially landed. It is exclusively designed by the Australian native tide brand P.A.M. female designer Shauna T., and with Carhartt WIP tools and Vans street style characteristics, the three party design focused on women, so the whole joint is also full of women's clothing and accessories. The clothing improvement based on traditional Michigan clothing, clothing to adapt to the hot summer weather in lightweight linen, and blue and white stripes to create fresh and natural feeling, it is also worth mentioning is a Carhartt WIP Logo T-shirt, they also used pink banana production pattern a pair of Authentic and a full set of clothing. The three party joint especially hard, covers: T-shirts, hats, shirts, shirts, pants, long version pants, shoes, and even a winter jacket. Now in the P.A.M. and Carhartt WIP global shop sale.
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Smart bracelet.
near 2014 of the year, looking back on the electronic product's performance this year, smart wearable devices especially smart bracelet has become a cross-border fashion and technology Deep-Fried Chicken with Chili Pepper, electronic products are men and women manpower necessary tide. Now, in the "2015 Guangdong International Marathon in Qingyuan," the national movement under the influence of health management as the leading function of the smart bracelet also riding this fashion movement swept the tide.

however, in the face of Lin's various smart wristbands, as low as tens of dollars, high and high thousand dollars, functional styles are different, it makes people quite confused, smart wristbands have what functions? Select smart wristbands and what exquisite?

entry-level function: health management based,

smart wristband is a wearable smart device, is a perfect combination of fashion and technology. By this bracelet, users can record everyday exercise, sleep, diet and other parts of the real-time data, and these data with mobile phone, tablet, iPod touch synchronization, play a guiding role in healthy living through data.

reporter learned from the network, and now the market smart wristbands can be divided into entry-level functions and advanced features. First of all, the smart Bracelet entry-level function, which is the function of universal health management, mainly including: 1, record motion data, the number of steps, distance and heat can monitor and record the user, due to lack of technology, most of the current intelligent motion type bracelet can not distinguish the different, even some motion tracking automatic monitoring bracelet can be walking, riding, etc. different types of runaway movement, but the monitoring effect may also be just passable; 2, recorded sleep data, sleep monitoring bracelet in sleep data records, including deep sleep, light sleep, interrupted different sleep patterns, and provide analysis on monitoring of sleep; 3, silent the alarm clock, can quietly awaken users from shallow sleep and do not affect others.

advanced features: refine health management projects

in addition to the above entry-level function, with the increase in user demand and technology development, and now many brands of smart wristbands are equipped with the following advanced functions.

one is exercise guide. This is the gradual evolution of sports fitness Bracelet function, equivalent to simple fitness trainer, allows users to select a variety of preset exercise plans and steps, smart wristbands will gradually guide users.

two is heart rate monitoring. As users of the fitness Bracelet becomes more stringent, no longer sufficient to simply record the number of steps and calories, added heart rate monitoring function allows the user to achieve a more healthy fitness, heart rate monitor hand ring, now there are more and more main exercise function can be predicted, the heart rate monitor function may become movement standard bracelet.

three is social reminder. Some social smart wristbands can display phone calls, text messages, WeChat, e-mail and other notifications when connected to smartphones

recently, New Balance has released a New Balance model jointly launched with the New York trend store Barneys New York. In this retro style, they use plain black and white, and the details are light green, while the biggest highlight of the whole shoe is the inner upper and the luminous effect of the outsole. Such a slightly boring pair of shoes, in a dark environment will be transformed, very interesting.

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