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Champion running group

run group name


set up time


member size
active area

Beijing, Yunnan, Shanghai, Kunming, Chengdu, Tianjin, Guangzhou,

run group slogan

for public welfare
running group introduces

[champion public interest running group] is co founded by Chinese athletes Education Fund and marathon artifact, and together with a group of public spirited world champions and Olympic champions, it is a team of running friends with all kinds of love businesses and people, dedicated to running and public welfare. This is the first Chinese running group promoted by the champion and public welfare. It combines love, fitness, entertainment and fashion together to make the running more sunny, more loving and vigorous.

run group slogan

for public welfare
running group introduces

Charity Fun Run Group Champion advocated by China athletes education fund, and by a group of enthusiastic former world and Olympic champion initiated, composed of loving and caring people of the enterprises run by the first team, is China champion advocate, and to the public for the purpose of running, it combines love, fitness, entertainment and fashion one, make running more sunshine, more loving, more vibrant.

main event

1, July 12th, Lining 10K road to KunMing Railway Station, and to raise funds for children's sports facilities in poor areas,

2, September 13th, Lining 10K road to TianJin Railway Station, and to raise funds for the athletes education program

3, the September 20th Beijing marathon for the children in poor areas of the construction of sports facilities to raise money, 500 pairs of shoes will personally in November to Sichuan Ya'an Huilong Township Central Primary School Children's hands. The number of 60 participants
2015 North horse is the first event to participate after the founding of the champion public service group, and it is also the starting point for the run group to carry out a series of public welfare activities.
4, October 18th, Lining 10K road to Beijing Railway Station, and to raise money for the athletes education plan. The number of participants is 60.
Lining 10K Beijing Railway Station, Olympic champion, Qian Hong, helps raise money for the champion running group to encourage more people to run and run for love. Through sports plus public welfare mode, we can achieve the interaction between sports health and love and public welfare.
5 and December 6th champion public interest run group will be represented by two Olympic champions, taking the heart of public interest again to participate in the Singapore marathon international gold medal competition, and popularize the spirit of transportation and public welfare to foreign countries, so as to raise money for the sports facilities of children in poor areas.

running group influence

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