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followed the AIR JORDAN 2010 White and black color blend, and the white color appeared in front of everyone. There are rumors that in 2010, AIR JORDAN series will be introduced on behalf of all white re engraved, from AJ1 to AJ2010, I do not know whether the white color is one of 25 pairs of pure white color...... Is there really a tale of 25 pairs of pure white on the market? Everything will naturally unravel in 2010. Coming soon��

A happy running scene

sina sports news also signed up a marathon, but for a variety of reasons can not challenge the PB? It doesn't matter. In addition to running PB, there are many challenges in the horse race itself. It can make you feel the same fun. Today, the American runner Jess Underhill brings her own horse race story and shares what she is thinking when she doesn't want to run PB.

Jess Underhill is a running enthusiast and a running coach. Before she signed up a New York 4 miles (about 6.43 km) of the game, for she would like to do her best to run the game, but in the game before the start of a week, she was on a whim to run a half marathon, a 4 mile race in that first night and she still feels sore, the goal of the game from the PB to just run out of fun.

Jess race day, slowly ran to the starting point, then she remembered her students asked her a question: "how competition to achieve their goals?"

then, Jess's thoughts returned to last week's half - horse. In that competition, she missed 3 opportunities to run the tangent line, and realized that this might cost her more time, thereby affecting the achievement of the next half horse's goal. So she suddenly had new expectations for the 4 mile race: she set a new goal for it, which is to run close to the tangent line of the curve. With this goal, she found that the little game was easy to take, but it was still worth running.
After finishing the race and finishing this goal, Jess also shared the following 10 small goals with you. It tells you that there are other challenges in the competition without PB PB:

1, try not to follow the track and run as close as possible to the tangent of the bend;

2, after drinking water at the water station, do not stop completely, and make sure that the water is really drinking in the mouth, not a drink,
3, always run according to your own rhythm, do not be biased by the rhythm of others;

4, the way to try "fast and fast ahead" is to run faster in the second half than the first half of the distance;

5, throw away music and headphones, and prove to yourself that it doesn't need music and can run;

6, Lele is not as good as many lels, trying to run the game with his first horse - running friend;

7, full of vitality to the end of the end, instead of crossing the line, the need to embrace to get up;

8, follow the feeling, don't watch the watch;

9, rectifying small thoughts and rolling all kinds of negative energy;

10, running, the most important is to run happy, and the audience more.

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