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"Propeller" Vans is a professional skateboarding team of the film, the film contains a skateboard, Vans owns all the big professional skater, the skateboard world renowned director Greg Hunt palm mirror?, recorded the professional skater in the moment of every little bit. In the end of April 26th, the annual skateboard drama "Propeller" will be landing in Shanghai, began to premiere as the world's third station, as the skateboard culture propaganda pioneer, you must not miss! We will continue to track.

Vans "Propeller" premiere schedule

4 21: the United States of Losangeles The Orpheum Theatre

4 24:
Melbourne Australia
4 26: Chinese Shanghai

4 28: Germany Berlin

4 29: Paris

4 30: the London

5 1: the United States of New York

5 2: Toronto
5 3: Mexico
Mexico City

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Selection of sports bra

found that a sports bra for you is science, but also an art. It's about your size, sports type, expectation, desire and your fitness dream.

when you choose a sports bra, what's your biggest worry? How to select Sports bra?

adjustable shoulder strap to help support: compressed cup cup can prevent movement of the chest in the movement; Racerback style helps the full shoulder activity;

if you only require support, you can choose seamless, reduce friction and stimulation; ensure that it is fast drying fiber to ensure drying and comfort;

chooses a sports bra with a shoulder strap. The wide sling style, such as the traditional bra, helps to distribute the weight evenly.

selects a moving brassiere with a steel wire and a cup, with a separate cup to support the breasts. Choose a buttoned - up bra that can be easily removed in the case of exhaustion and sweating, and the size can be adjusted properly.
Why does
wear a sports bra?

shockproof: any intensity exercise can make women's chest vibrate. If you don't wear exercise bra when you exercise, chest vibration will cause breast ptosis. Studies have shown that women run 1500 meters, and the breasts will shake 135 meters. Violent swings in the female chest may injure the elastic fibrous tissue in the breast. Frequent swaying will cause permanent injury to the chest, resulting in chest relaxation, sagging and deformation. Sports underwear can fix the chest from vibration.

sweat absorption: exercise always sweats, if the body sweat is not smooth, easy to skin inflammation, sports underwear fabric is generally high elastic cotton, has sweat absorption, breathability, dehumidification, deodorization function.

convenient movement: sports underwear through the design section of strong support and promotion to breast full chest is formed integrally with the body, can avoid chest obstruction to facilitate physical movement, holo-kinetic movement, dashing.

girls who love running, jumping and other sports must wear sports bra. It can effectively reduce breast motion, reduce the impact on breasts, and sweat at the same time, and keep skin dry. (Lao Wang's running guide)

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