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want to run to fat, but always encounter a rainy day, the weather is a big trouble, running well, the rain can not run? What should you pay attention to in the rain? Lao Wang makes a simple introduction.

one, can you run in the rain?

Lao Wang's answer is basically OK. But a few things should be taken into consideration.

(1) the thunderstorm never runs. Everyone knows not to go out as much as possible. If you don't pull the thunderstorm days to run, then you all accumulated much may not be enough for you to spend germany.

(2) typhoon days will never run. The typhoon not only heavy rain, heavy rain and strong winds, the wind is not afraid, afraid of the poles you passing ah, ah, ah, billboard tree box ah scraping, you hit a bad egg.
Try not to run the
winter rain days, especially the 5 degrees below the winter rain. Winter running no problem, some dry snow than rain, winter is too cold, physical body temperature slightly worse, can not bear the strong out of the body, especially the long distance, the pain just don't mention it, in short distance within 10K can be run under.

(4) the temperature suitable for the rain day is very suitable for running. Like spring rain, as long as it is not too cold, still very suitable for running, and quite comfortable.

can also run the heave rain. If the temperature is suitable, it can run, but it is not suitable for long distance. It is only suitable for the middle and short distance of running 6-8k. Because the rainfall will sooner or later, shoes all wet, very afflictive, is also very easy to blisters.

two, do you need any special equipment for running in the rain?

indeed, due to the particularity of the rain, some special equipment is needed.

(1) a waterproof coat. For example, when it's cold, it can wear waterproof soft shell, which is long sleeved sports T-shirt. When it's cold, it can wear waterproof skin coat or waterproof thin coat, and it is short sleeved T-shirt.

, but generally speaking, the better the waterproof performance is, the worse the air permeability of the clothes is. The worse the air permeability is, it causes the rain outside, and it also rains inside, and sweat does not go out, and all sticky on the body. The waterproof coat, the outside of the rain has been soaked inside. It is good that the runners are always wet and ready to be prepared.

(2) waterproof shoes. Generally speaking, many cross-country shoes are waterproof, and all the classic brand running shoes will have waterproof off-road version. Some even bring Gore-tex (GTX, a high-grade waterproof material), for example, asics's cumulus and GT2000 have GTX version.

put on waterproof version of the running shoes and feel very tall. Others dare not step on the water. If you dare to step on the road, you can't see directly run over, and the bird has exploded. But if it is heavy rain, the water - proof shoes are not used, because the time is long, the rain will be.

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life consciousness and Enlightenment
runner is not only on the road, but also on the road. Run forward, get not only a healthy body, slim, and three consciousness and understand the mentality.

a heart of freedom, joy and love,

runners run for themselves and for others. There are too many runners to donate their tournament bonuses for technology. There are too many running groups to organize social activities to give back to society, and more runners are interested in environmental protection and love nature.

the spirit of
all over the world
ran across the province? Run across the country? Running around the world? These sounding bold things are all done by the runners!

regression to natural

is a cross-country runner in this respect! The perfect combination of the dual identity of the urban elite and the outdoors!

's stable and flat sleep

eat well, sleep well, run well, which is the advantage of all the runners.

enjoy the real space and time

every soul that runs on the road has its own body and soul.

the soul mate
that loves each other
, at least in a small circle of runfriends, has never seen a runner who is keen to get divorced. It may be said that running itself is the "little third" of the runners' love. (laughing)

at any time there are people who really understand you,
The full support of the
family, the enthusiastic help and encouragement of the runners, these "understanding" and "warm" are all the driving force for the runners.

is healthy and is rich in

compared with the ordinary people, the runner body can be used to describe the health, at least three, obesity and other social diseases rarely exist in the runner group; on the road have been described as lonely, actually otherwise, the runner's heart is full of abundance, in addition to their health communication with others, understand the dialogue with yourself.

can infect and ignite the hope of others!

running can not only treat depression to a large extent, but also bring back the fun of self-confidence and life. Everyone who joins the ranks of the runners can be deeply aware of this.

is probably not the richest person in material wealth, but in the macro perspective of life, runners are absolutely the ones with the most luxury goods. As a runner, do you feel it?

(Lu Fuan's running Bible)

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