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Compression clothing
what is compression clothing?

high performance equipment in the field of sports activity is an indispensable part of the national fitness craze for their clothing compression gradually exposed, but in the compression equipment function, the general public is a state. Some friends may ask whether the compression garment is a tight tight, particularly elastic tights Of course not. As a brand of clothing that goes beyond the frontiers of technology, SKINS will show you what compresses are.

early compression garment made of special material stitching and different knitting techniques, is an auxiliary means of medical treatment. In theory, early compression products were designed to increase venous blood flow, promote blood circulation, and reduce muscle oscillations during exercise. The earliest origins of the corset date back to the custom of women's girdle in European history. In the early twentieth Century, tights began to be worn by actors in circus and acrobatic performances, and today they have developed more fashionable shapes. It can be said that the original intention of making tights is for the beauty of shape, not emphasizing functionality.
The story of the
SKINS compression garment began in 1996. At that time, an Australian with athletic science background and high aspirations founded SKINS. He hopes to feel as energetic as he was ten years ago, after sliding across a dangerous slope, riding a whole day or playing an intense soccer game. He and his team consulted NASA (NASA) and other experts and confirmed that they had found the right direction. It took him five years to invent and perfect the first SKINS compression suit, and before long the compression suit was touted by athletes all over the world.

has demonstrated many of the advantages of SKINS because of its ongoing independent scientific and medical research. SKINS has not only been certified and recommended by the Australian rehabilitation therapists Association (APA), but also has been approved by the Australian treatment products authority (TGA) to become a medical rehabilitation product.

now, SKINS's "gradient compression technology" is even more prestigious. Choose to weave from the material, and then to "dynamic gradient compression technology of original led, SKINS for the unique needs of different sports to provide targeted and practical effect, thus creating a difference in tights new sports product category.

first of all, compression clothing and ordinary tights are distinguished from the material

SKINS compression clothing fabric is mainly made of spandex and nylon. Spandex is excellent in elasticity, and the most outstanding advantage of nylon in use is its high abrasion resistance and can withstand tens of thousands of deflection without breaking. In addition, SKINS exclusively uses the MX memory fiber in the high-end A400 series, which contains a special high tensile elastic material, which can be restored to the original condition no matter how much stress is sustained. So, whether you buy SKINS products for the first time after you buy, or you've bought them for 12 months, you can get them

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2012-11-3 17:42 upload and download attachments (115.3 KB)
Jeff Oatley
passed through the white and lonely wilderness to withstand the indifference and the inability to fight, and returned to
with the secret of the north.36 million of the total population of
Canada, of which 85% are concentrated in the south of the border strip, and the strip distance less than one thousand and five hundred kilometers to the north, it has entered with much land and few people in north of xinjiang. Most of the land here into the Arctic, snow season lasts for half a year, including a large few people tread uncharted. Yukon, northwest and Nunavut, the three largest areas, plus the northern coast of Quebec and Labrador along the coast of the Atlantic, as well as the Western Alaskan California, which is on the west side of Yukon, is known as the The North.

the last day of January 2017, Skagway, Jeff Oatley, in southwestern Alaska, set out.

last winter Jeff Oatley a person riding on their fat bike completed a 1000 mile Yukon Quest Trail (from the racing line from Canada Yukon Whitehorse to Alaska Fairbanks gold line, but also the world's most difficult dog sled race Yukon Quest mid nineteenth Century), a way to ride a hitherto unknown experience of snow the way people.

this is certainly not his debut, as the famous snow rider Jeff fat bike career has been more than 15 years, he has won two Minnesota Arrowhead 135 cycling champion, and in 10 days 2 hours 53 points to keep Alaska Iditarod Trail Invitational (ITI) 1000 mile bike group record.
has completed the same distance travel before, riding Yukon Quest Trail still consumes Jeff for 16 days, without tents, full supply, road conditions and weather are more dangerous and amazing than imagined. When he arrived at his destination, he was like a kite, and did not think that in the whole North America could find any line more called the wilderness than this.

, and this time, he will start from the starting point of Krone Dyke's Klondike Golden Rush in the same way, and go through the end point of Fairbanks to Yukon Quest Trail, then continue West to the Nome of the Bering Sea.

2000 miles, equivalent to the journey from Losangeles to Chicago, the Jeff Oatley program is completed in 30 days.

Photo courtesy Jeff Oatley

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