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for most of the long-distance runners, the learning curve of the marathon is steeper (learning curve is steep, which means entry is difficult) and full of fun. Of course, if you can smarter training and rest,

almost all the first rookie marathon runners should aim at health and finish. It's important to stand on the starting line. However, with runners in this distance is more and more mature, many people will begin to seek advanced performance such as POMA qualification, or at least more than their first show better results.
The training program below
is an advanced marathon training approach with a view to higher level runners who want to discover their potential.

In the
marathon preparation, your running is critical. Although many people try to avoid this problem, no single training can be more important than a large number of aerobic running. The increased time of running increases the strength of connective tissue, the growth of capillaries and the amount of oxygen transported to the working muscles.
The number of
mileages depends on the existing basis and experience. As a general rule, those who are looking forward to finding potential should significantly increase their training volume in the last 12 weeks' targeted marathon preparation (of course, a planned rest). The following are examples selected from the last 12 weeks of the marathon plan, one from a simple entry plan and one from a simple advance plan.

transmission / avoid injury

generally, marathon runners often make mistakes in the long run from beginning to end including set a pace, almost no rhythm changes, and usually too shy to slow down -- even in the hands of the old is also very common. Adding speed changes to the longest distance can teach the body to run the strongest state in the final marathon, and at the same time, let you get skills and experience to avoid injuries.
At the beginning of the
, a simple 1 minute sprint was added every 9-10 minutes in the second half of the long distance race. These sprints should not be particularly hard. With a few weeks ago near the match of the day's progress, you can add some longer sprint.

long run long run
In the last 12 weeks of the marathon preparation,
carried out 1-2 times, including a long run training run with the target marathon speed or near speed. By running a half horse race at the target marathon 4-5 weeks before the marathon race (but not faster), you may be able to let the muscles remember the rhythm.

though it needs a truly patient runner, running a controlled race with a target marathon speed will make you understand the rhythm of the plan and crowd support and replenishment strategy. Add 3 miles (about 4.83km) to warm up and similar adjustments to relax, which is an extra 19 miles (about 30.6km) for a great weekend.

5K/10K based intermittent training

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