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questions: how many kilometers per week is appropriate to improve health?

answer: it seems that not much, unexpected. Jogging 5 to 6 kilometers a week can significantly improve health, according to a review of running and health research.

researchers found that although there is only such a mileage, runners generally have lower body weight and lower risk of obesity than those who run less or do not run at all. Not only that, runners are less likely to suffer from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, stroke, cancer, arthritis and other diseases.
"If the
running to agents, as long as a small agent, can play the biggest effect," New Orleans AUX Medical Center (Ochsner Medical Center) director of cardiac rehabilitation and prevention department, one of the authors, but also the comments of Carle · J& middot; Dr. Livy said. The review was published in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings in September.

said, "every Monday to two times, or three to six kilometers, no more than an hour" is enough.

if you are worried about the middle of the road, more than a week to run a few kilometers is also possible, he said, that a few kilometers away can help control weight, "you can eat something like".

if you want to run better and faster, it's necessary to run 5 to 6 kilometers a week, he said.

however, if your goal is only to improve your health, there is an upper limit on the mileage required. According to some evidence, he said that running for an hour every day may be caused by excessive exercise, which may cause injury and disability and increase the risk of heart disease.

in short, Dr. Livy said that according to the latest scientific research, most of us only need two to 20 times to 30 minutes per week, or 1.5-3 kilometers, which should be perfect.

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