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Zhangzhou police officer run

run group name: Zhangzhou police officer run

set up time: 2008.12.11

member size: 195 people

active area:
, Fujian / Zhangzhou
slogan: running is not for faster, but fearless!

run group said: We aimed to gather love running a police officer, by the high quality movement, positive energy, to enhance the image of the police in the people's police, Zhen xiongfeng.
is registered in the government department: registered

activity frequency: 5-10 / month

Sina started the Fujian run regiment, and what are the partners of the group still hesitating? Come to show yourself!

[download the registration form, fill out to xinlangrunning@sina.com, look forward to your joining! ]

There is an accident in the lottery, and the ambulance emerge. The iron rack, located at the terminal position, was blown down by the wind. The situation in the field.
, according to the Tianjin Sina correspondent, at 10:30 a.m. on May 31st, in the Wuqing one color run event, Longmen was blown down by the gusty wind, and 5 people were injured.
After the
accident, the organizer launched the emergency plan urgently, and the related departments rushed to the scene to command the accident disposal for the first time, and carried out the treatment and on-site cleaning of the wounded. At present, 1 male wounded are dead because of the heavy injury to the hospital. The other 4 injured are stable, and the work is under tension.

things restore

this time, "great love Wuqing, happy run!" The activity is located on the west side of the new campus of Yang Village (Central Park). According to the process, it should start from 8:30 to 11:30.
activities of the whole color runners dressed in white T-shirt, running through the 4 color station, a total length of 5 km, the health and safety of colored powder was spilled in the process. The number of participants is limited to 1000 people.

did not think that, after most of the runners had finished, the iron rack, which was located at the end, was blown down. Some of the players were smashed to the ground, causing 5 people to be injured. At present, 1 male wounded were dead due to severe injury to the hospital, while the other 4 injured were stable.
reporter came to the scene of the west side of the new campus of Yang village, the Longmen shelf on the ground. On the top, the painting of "happy color run" had not yet been torn away, and the road was stained with colored powder.

near the Longmen shelf there is a warning line, and a black bloodstain has been turned away from the Longmen frame. Because it's a new road, we seldom see the passing cars. The reporter saw a few migrant workers cleaning the trash in the neighborhood. One of the migrant workers said that the scene in the morning was quite chaotic. He came running to see that the scene was full of people. The iron shelf that was standing on the road fell in the middle of the road, and many people were busy rescuing the wounded.

micro-blog blogger recalls

@ gray wood girl recalled that the accident was terrible.

running was officially started at half past nine, and about half an hour or so, the contestants were all at the finish line. Some of them were enjoying the cool in the parking lot, others were listening to the introduction of the raffle, and the raffle was on the side of the collapsed iron shelf. We were all walking on the iron shelf. The iron rack is the end of the competition. So after the end of the game, there were few people under the iron shelf. We walked suddenly found the iron shelf down, everyone a rush on like a swarm of Hornets to help him. Because the 120 ambulance is on the scene. When we run, 120 is following. So the doctors and nurses come quickly, and two cars have taken three people. But after the accident, most people have gone.
reporter learned that the four place was the same.

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