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Why did American high school students break up collectively?

human beings have been constantly breaking through the runways. When the 18 year old Michael · Ezra gove Lipinski with 3 points 59 seconds 53 won the "Jesus evening of 1 miles", he became the ninth 1 miles (about 1.61km) 4 minutes to break the American high school students, but also the 12 months of fourth.


in fact, from 1964 to 1967 Ryan Jimmy · Marty · in her (the two are in the long-distance running champion of American high school students), in the next 34 years no one to break the 4 mark; but in the last less than 1 years, a total of 4 students run into 4 minutes. What is the reason for such a collective outbreak?

reason 1: better coaches bring better training to

few people know how early runners are trained. But many of today's coaches and top players think the training method is far less than now. This is a process of constantly improving the training parameters, and the coach is guiding the runner to build a solid foundation.

Michael's coach Bob · Hayes never emphasizes mileage. Even at the basic stage, Michael ran less than 60 miles a week (about 96.56km), and this spring he ran only 45-50 miles a week (about 72.42-80.47km). Bob said, "when you become an elite, you're just like walking on a razor, and it's easy to get hurt. But if the training is correct, you will go to the next level. "

cause 2: network technology speeds up knowledge sharing

today, the development of the network has quickly spread advanced technology and training information, which is easier than 10 years ago. In 2001 to create a new record of 1 miles of American high school students (3 minutes and 53 seconds before the record was 43, Jimmy · create Ryan in 1965 of 3 minutes and 55 seconds 3) Alan · Webb believes that talent has always been there, and now the coach can be quicker and easier to figure out how to get really talented students become a better runner.

reason 3: social media reports motivate peer
A large number of
social media reports made the 4 - minute runner quickly become famous, which was an incentive for the same players. Grant · Fisher saw Matthew · ran into the 3 minute 59 seconds; maton 38 after receiving encouragement, in the subsequent 1 months ran out of the same grade. And in February this year, 3 points, 58 seconds, 25 of Drew · were run; Hunter admits: "I see Grant and Matthew do it and think 'I want to do it next year."

reason 4: more opportunities to participate in the creation of possible
The early senior high school runners in
did not have the chance to compete in the top competition, and now many national levels.

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