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Originals adidas recently for the classic shoes, Smith Stan brings a new fall and winter series called "Pennant College". Simple shoe body now back to select composed of superior suede, three pairs of shoes with dark blue, orange, and yellow as the keynote, and respectively on the tongue and heel into yellow, blue and green to create a visual contrast around the heel of the words "Stan" and "Smith" as details, and in addition to the dark blue color is equipped with the same color soles outside, the other two pairs are in a white background ending. At prese Retro jordans for sale nt, the series has been through the streets of Tokyo store BILLY 'S online store bought, pricing for $10260 yen. source: S' BILLYNike recently released the double "Wolf" color Gray Free Flyknit NSW. Inspired by the HTM version of the design, lightweight breathable Flyknit material consisting of a shoe body with a light gray, in the heel to the black Swoosh dot, and then to the white Free 5 end. Priced at around $$175, the shoe can be purchased through Titolo.Beijing time on November 10th, the Raptors 120-88 in the 76 home court. 76 people celebrate the "7 cheap jordans for sale mens straight league is now 30 teams only a have not tasted the fruits of victory. even more ridiculous is that the 76 team's salary is only $34 million 320 thousand. Stipulated according to the alliance, from the beginning of the 2013-14 season, each team's payroll should reach 90% of the salary cap, this season's salary cap is 6306.5 million dollars and therefore 76 total pay at least $5675 million, if not up to, the rest of the money will be allocated to all the players at 76 people and give them to a general pay rise. Last season 76 people is in the last m cheap foamposites inute we eat garbage contract, to make up the difference, it seems that this season 76 people or in need for this problem to worry about, but just in a small series of the 76 cheerleaders of passion in all directions after the show, feel should not the extra money also calculate a team of cheerleaders? Team, the team is still so fight, Xiao Bian think it is not easy ah! pictures from sina sports[Chinese shoes Network - News] After the Nike brand to sell its brand Umbro, the latter agents to become "outcast." Currently, a number of agents and Umbro brands e Cheap air jordans for sale xpiring contract, they are ready to rush to Shanghai, with Nike consultations on compensation matters. Recently, informed sources told the "Daily Economic News" reporter, in October last year in the sale of Umbro brand, Nike is not timely communication with the agents aspect. Currently, agents with Nike, Umbro brand on the contract about to expire, but the company has yet to take over Umbro communicate with them. Due to get new products, agents can only rely greatly reduced to clear inventory, a move that led to continued losses. There are agents sai Retro jordans for sale d, would require the Department of Nike China Umbro Umbro loss for failing to promptly notify changes in China caused by compensation, while the existing Shanghai goods Umbro fully recovered. Nike has said aspects, Umbro, Nike sales in China June 6, 2012 has been notified all distributors to sell matter in writing, but in the beginning of July 2012 to assist the auto business process subsequent issues. Agents said that if the fruitless negotiations, or to resort to the law. brand sold agents to be "dry side" Zhengzhou Unicorn Culture and Sports Devel cheap jordans for sale opment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhengzhou Unicorn) is the largest distributor Umbro in North China, whose business employees Umbro Zhang (pseudonym) said, in 2011, AstraZeneca has invested hundreds of million yuan in Zhengzhou used for decoration, and purchased more than 20 million yuan of goods Umbro. In 2011 the two sides came into contact with, Nike claims is "fully committed to helping Umbro reach its full potential." Last year, the two sides to renew the contract until the end of June this year. Last year in October, to $ 225 million Ni Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping ke Umbro brand will be sold to the United States Iconix Brand Group. Zhang said, "We are veterans got the news from someone else at check online to know of." Company executives flew to Shanghai, Nike said at the time, there will be a follow-up to deal with matters related to, but then things go down the drain up. As of now, a total of Zhengzhou Unicorn to Nike Sports (China) Co., Ltd. Umbro Chinese Ministry sent five e-mail, but only the first letter reply. Reporters saw, in this reply, the other said, June 6, 2012 once written notice to Chinese dealers. Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping But Zhang said the company has not received any such notification. similar situation also occurred in Qingdao Grand Sports Stationery dealer from Qingdao Limited body. Legal representative Mr. Hao told reporters, after Nike to sell Umbro brand, Nike, Umbro China Division has been dissolved, the agents completely unmanned docking state. He said the company has long been consulted on the matter Nike, but not below. "Daily Economic News" yesterday (June 23) was informed that a number of agents are preparing Umbro rushed to Shanghai, to consult with Nike cheap jordans online on. If the negotiations without results, or to seek legal ways to solve these problems. Agents losses caused by the loss of the core values ??of After the Umbro brand is sold, the price of their goods will decline. "Now the goods average only 4 to 5 fold, some as low as two-fold. Month to loss of three to four million, which is a conservative algorithm." Zhang said that as of December 31, 2012, Zhengzhou Umbro Unicorn total purchase value of the goods more than 24 million yuan, there are still over 10 million yuan of stock. Hau said the company Umbro cheap jordan shoes for men 's sales at a loss every month. Dozens of stores had now fallen to a few. Even the better-run stores, is about to expire due to licensing, and the lack of new support, but also risk being excluded mall. Hao said that as regional agents, their situation is relatively good, some second-tier dealers from the beginning of last year, has no way to insist that stores basically shut down. Zhengzhou Unicorn aspect noted that the loss failing to timely inform Umbro causing changes in China, the Nike aspects of compensation should be given the same time, the company's existing Shanghai Umbro All items should be returned. "Daily Economic News" reporter, Nike and Umbro aspect. Prior to serving as general manager of Nike China Umbro ??? Kan told reporters that it had been left Umbro at the end of May, "Division has been disbanded, but also inform customers before we had to know after this news, orders have communicated at the meeting, no customers I did not know of this matter. " ??? McCain said the United States Iconix Brand Group must have their own thoughts on the Chinese side, "we have to say and dealers will contact them at home, but we do not say what specific time, and Nike to the end of June to delivery of goods already paid the. " Nike aspect in reply to a reporter said it plans to sell its brand Umbro, Nike, Umbro China Sales in China June 6, 2012 has notified all distributors to sell matters in writing. Meanwhile, Umbro China began in July 2012 to assist the auto business process subsequent issues. independent commentator clothing Magang think, in this matter, the agency also should bear corresponding responsibility, the brand has been sold, the agent needs and new brand owner. lawyer Yan Yiming pointed out that from a legal point of view alone, Nike did not have much responsibility. Although the contract period to sell the brand, but the agency continues to fulfill sales contracts. Acting brand at the time of the sale, the agent's right to know was "set aside", Nike has informed affect whether or not. "Agents defend their rights, more difficult, you should see the contract specific situation." (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News, Media Partners: Apparel IT)

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